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What’s in your Feedly?

feedly logoIt’s funny how attached we can get to a way of doing something, or even a way of seeing something. Take for instance my blog reader, that, until a month ago, was Google Reader.

In my carefully crafted igoogle theme—which is also going away—I had a Google Reader widget. I could easily scroll through the blog titles and click to open any I found interesting. It was fast, it was easy and it saved me time.

When it was announced that Google Reader was going away, Feedly seemed to dominate the “what do I do now” solution advice in my Twitter and Facebook streams, so I went with them.

I imported my blogs to Feedly months before Google Reader folded, so for a while I used them both. That was my way of dipping my toe in the water. I think if I hadn’t taken the slow approach—if I had waited until June 30 to move everything over and jump headlong into the new look and navigation of Feedly—I would’ve been frustrated and a little lost. Not because Feedly is complex, but just because Feedly gives me reader options in a way—in my opinion, a better way—that Google Reader didn’t.

Now that I’m fully immersed in Feedly, I find I use it more than I used Google Reader—I’ve discovered some really great content; I’ve organized articles to read later; I’ve interacted more with blogs because of Feedly’s ease-of-use; and more!

With that said, I thought I’d share some of the blogs I’ve found lately that are funny, interesting, and/or educational. I’d love to hear from you—what blogs are you reading? What blogs can’t you miss?

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Chris Tiegreen
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