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So Worth Loving: Defeating the Voices of Doubt

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.07.58 AMLoud. Obnoxious. Constant. Overpowering. For many years, I heard “voices”—and maybe you did too. From advertisers. From peers. From family. From myself. I need to diet. I’m ugly. I’m fat. I’m overbearing. I say the wrong things. My opinions are dumb. I have this weird accent. I don’t have enough money. Why would anyone want to love me? I’ll never be loved.

I believe the world would change if women spoke differently to themselves. If they thought positively and realistically about situations, circumstances, events and emotions. If they embraced themselves for what they could contribute. If they could see the worth in whatever small or large contribution they could make with a smile, a gesture, a kind word, a helping hand.

But many people—men included—believe they don’t have much worth, or maybe not any worth at all. So, they give pieces of themselves away through poor choices that potentially bring harm to themselves or others.

If only these young people had someone cheering them on. A place to share their story. A place to heal. A place to learn how to think differently.

Eryn Erickson is in a mad rush with her life, creating that place, cheering people on and spreading the word that YOU—yes, you—are SO WORTH LOVING. Through So Worth Loving, Eryn seeks to know those struggling with self-worth, and provide them with encouragment for healing and hope. Her online blog is filled with stories from others, like me and like you, who have struggled at some point (or are struggling now) with being worthy of love.

In the Bible, we’re reminded of our worth through the story of Jesus. Luke 12:7 says, “Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.” Jesus proved resoundingly, once and for all time, what we’re worth to Him by loving us, coming to earth to live perfectly for us in a sinful world, and dying on a rugged cross to pay for our sins. That’s what you’re worth. You are SO worth loving. Indeed, you are already loved.

Eryn is taking her message across the U.S. later this year. Her heart’s desire is to empower and inspire people to pursue their dreams—and not let the voices of doubt win. Plans are in the works, and provisions are being gathered, but her team needs help to get their dream of helping you with YOUR dreams, off the ground. Check out the So Worth Loving “Free to Be Tour” on Indiegogo and consider participating.

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