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15 Dating Tips for Men: The Dos

160513024A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I used online dating before I met and married my sweet husband, and I posted “the don’ts” dating tips for men and women who are going out on a first or second date. As promised, following are 15 “do” tips for men. Check back on Tuesday for 15 “do” tips for women.

  1. Score points by being on time. If you’re too early, say five minutes or more, take a drive around the block and relax.
  2. Take your date to a memorable place. If you’re meeting for a casual cup of coffee, meet at the coolest coffee shop in the city, not the local Starbucks.
  3. Do put down the cologne before you spray it over your entire being.
  4. Do talk about things you’ve recently read.
  5. Prove that chivalry isn’t dead. Open doors, pull out her chair, stand when she enters the room, pick up the check.
  6. If you met online, do a last minute check of her profile and make a mental note of interesting talking points.
  7. Ask open-ended questions that pertain to her experiences or interests. For example, maybe one of her pictures on her online profile is a skydiving picture. Ask: Tell me what it felt like to jump out of a plane?
  8. Should your conversation turn serious or somber, show her you are listening by repeating back important points she’s made in the conversation.
  9. Wear sensible shoes that fit within your lifestyle, not the lifestyle you wish you led.
  10. Do laugh—especially at yourself if it calls for it. Self-deprecating humor is awkward, so be sure that laughing at yourself isn’t actually a cut on yourself.
  11. End the date at a reasonable time, especially if it’s a “school night.”
  12. Provide a secure and pressure-free atmosphere around your table or wherever you sit together. This means not sitting too close, but not far apart. Being direct and courteous with wait staff who are serving you. Basically, if you see she has a need, within reason, take care of her.
  13. If you like her and want a second date, directly ask her for a second date, already having a date and time in mind.
  14. Call the next day to say thank you for the date and confirm any plans made for a next date.
  15. Think positively, act gracefully, smile happily!

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