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How to be a Great Social Media Storyteller, Notes from Digital Atlanta

photoAs mentioned last week, I recently attended Digital Atlanta, a social media conference held at Atlantic Station. My favorite session, by far, was “How to be a Bad*** Storyteller” by Julie Maratek the social media and community manager for Atlantic Station.

Following in bullet-point form, are my notes from her session. I hope you find a nugget or two that helps you!

Think of your use of technology as storytelling:
1)   Take chances.
2)   Believe in your voice.
3)   Engage.
4)   Keep it new.
5)   Be positive.
6)   Make them laugh.
7)   Repeat from the top.

Most social media marketing today isn’t social. It’s traditional advertising or PR shoved through social channels.

The essence of storytelling is social. True social media marketing and engagement is about dialogue and relationship building. We need to EARN the attention of our audience.

One tip for developing engagement is to include initials or a name when replying to questions through the brand’s social media channels.

social + storytelling recipe is:

  • 1 part human side
  • 1 part inspirational
  • 1 part build relationships and engage
  • 1 part creativity
  • 1 part humor

The consumer is now in control of what stories they view, share and how they view these stories.

Social Storytelling I

  • Show the brand’s human side.
    • We connect with people, not brands.
    • What are you doing, learning, feeling?
    • Behind the scenes.
    • Everything matters. (It’s in the details.)
    • Inspiring brands in how they connect:
      • Red Bull
      • Chipotle
      • Whole Foods Market
      • Atlanta Braves
      • Atlantic Station
        • Not about us; it’s about them.
        • Show behind the scenes.
        • Tweet about partners or places AS supports.
        • Use picplaypost collage of photo/video -> putting things together in a new way.

Social Storytelling II

  • Share your brand’s story.
    • Story behind the brand.
    • Builds credibility and makes us relevant.
    • Every good story has relatable characters with personality and interests.
    • Make your brand a character by letting your audience in.
    • Examples:
      • Atlanta History Center, Throw back Thursday photos
      • Oreo on Instagram
      • GE
    • Apps for telling stories:
      • Rhonna
      • Phototoaster
      • Instaplace
      • Lapseit
      • Picplaypost
      • Hightail
      • Over
      • Frontback
      • Vintique cam
      • Studio