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A Wilder Year Review: 2017

A Wilder Year Review: 2017

Once upon a time, I sent out Christmas cards every year, and then I skipped it, and I skipped it again, and then skipped it again to the point of skipping it for well over a decade. I’ll spare you a recap of the last decade, but I figure writing a year review blog would be just as good, reach more of my friends, and lighten the USPS load.

This year has been about change for the Wilders. Good change. And then when a little bit of change wasn’t enough, we added more change. Amazing change. Humbling change. Exciting change.

And you know what tags along with change, right? Fear, doubts, second-guessing, over-thinking, distractions, and all-the-neurosis’. But if you want the change, really want the change, then you ignore those things and press onward.

A Wilder Year Review: 2017

First, Nathan and I changed our address.

We sold Nathan’s house and moved into our first home bought by mutual decision in May. We feel very grateful and provided-for by our heavenly Father to have such a beautiful new home in a great neighborhood, in a great city.

A Wilder Year Review: 2017

Second, we added a puppy to the mix.

Copper Action Wilder—yes, that’s his registered name—is an AKC Chocolate Labrador Retriever. At his last weigh-in at six months, he was 83 pounds. That means he’ll be 100 or so pounds whenfull grown. He has brought me and Nathan a lot of joy—and a few moments of frustration. If you’re a social media kind of person, you can follow Copper’s antics on Instagram.

Third, Nathan and I started the adoption process.

We are near the tail-end of our adoption home study, have engaged with an adoption referral service and hope to add to our family sometime next year. It’s very early days, so there aren’t a lot more details than that. If thoughts of me and Nathan come to your mind, please consider lifting us up in prayer. This is a big deal, and if God causes you to think about us, it’s likely that we need prayer in that moment.

Some of the changes over the last year haven’t been as exciting or fun. I’ve taken on more of the responsibility for my dad’s healthcare. As he has aged—which will happen to all of us—there are more appointments for “checking on things.” It can sometimes be overwhelming, concerning, and confusing—for him and for me. For those of you who know my dad, please don’t be alarmed. My dad is well, still plugging along enjoying his bluegrass and country music. Pray for him as well. Getting older isn’t fun, and it’s often discouraging.

Some of the fun trips we’ve done this year were to travel together to Austin in April, and Las Vegas in June. Nathan has been on a couple of fishing trips in Louisiana. (If you need any tuna steaks, I know where you can get some.) I was fortunate to go to Los Angeles for a social media conference, and out to Denver to spend time with two of my besties, Andrea and Yvonne.

With impending parenthood, 2018 will look a lot different from 2017. We’ll move our focus to decorating a baby’s room, and learning all about infants. We expect it will be the best, most joyous, most exhausting, most humbling, most grateful year of our lives, and we can’t wait to get started. Happy New Year!

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  • I’m so glad you shared all your joyful movements with us. I’m loving Copper, The House is gorgeous, and the Addition you’ll be adding is a true Blessing from God. My Niece and her husband just received a little girl and her brother too. What a Great Gift they are. A True Blessing. It’s stuff work, a lot of adjustments for all 3 of you, but it sounds like 2018 has got your number. Cody and I send you our love and wish you guys the best. ❤❤💯🤗🤗😙😙😁😁👪🐶❤❤❤

    • Thank you so much, Tee! We miss seeing you guys regularly. We have a lot of work cut out for us in 2018, but we’re tough! LOL Love y’all! Tell Cody hello! 🙂

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