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15 Dating Tips for Women: The Dos

As promised in the Dating Tips for Men post on Friday and the “don’ts” posts for men and women a few weeks ago, following are ideas for women who are navigating the dating scene. Good luck, ladies! Did I miss anything? Let me know in […]

15 Dating Tips for Men: The Dos

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I used online dating before I met and married my sweet husband, and I posted “the don’ts” dating tips for men and women who are going out on a first or second date. As promised, following are […]

How to Make Bank at Your Yard Sale

Because each of us was living on our own previous to getting married, my husband and I had tons of duplicate household items. Sometimes we had more than two sets. Like four sets of dishes, innumerable sets and non-sets of cups and glasses. And then, […]

21 Dating Tips for Women: The Don’ts

As promised in my previous post, 21 Dating Tips for Men: The Don’ts, the following is my list of don’ts for women. I was guilty of many of these before my Happily Ever After. Some of these are stories I’ve heard from friends. Some of […]

21 Dating Tips for Men: The Don’ts

During a season of my life, prior to my mucho happy marriage, I was a member of the Internet dating community. Recently, I looked back on some choice dates and realized that I could offer the single, dating men of the world a little advice […]