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6 Books That Changed the Way I Think About Relationships, God and Myself

Since I first laid eyes on a copy of Walter Farley’s The Black Stallion, I’ve been enamored with reading. My mother would take my brothers and me to the library in the heart of downtown Douglasville, Georgia, and we would pick out three or four […]

15 Dating Tips for Women: The Dos

As promised in the Dating Tips for Men post on Friday and the “don’ts” posts for men and women a few weeks ago, following are ideas for women who are navigating the dating scene. Good luck, ladies! Did I miss anything? Let me know in […]

15 Dating Tips for Men: The Dos

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I used online dating before I met and married my sweet husband, and I posted “the don’ts” dating tips for men and women who are going out on a first or second date. As promised, following are […]

How to Make Bank at Your Yard Sale

Because each of us was living on our own previous to getting married, my husband and I had tons of duplicate household items. Sometimes we had more than two sets. Like four sets of dishes, innumerable sets and non-sets of cups and glasses. And then, […]

21 Dating Tips for Women: The Don’ts

As promised in my previous post, 21 Dating Tips for Men: The Don’ts, the following is my list of don’ts for women. I was guilty of many of these before my Happily Ever After. Some of these are stories I’ve heard from friends. Some of […]

21 Dating Tips for Men: The Don’ts

During a season of my life, prior to my mucho happy marriage, I was a member of the Internet dating community. Recently, I looked back on some choice dates and realized that I could offer the single, dating men of the world a little advice […]