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My History

Angels on the Escalator

Angels on the Escalator

In the winter of 1976, the Peachtree Plaza Hotel opened in Atlanta and I was only three and half years old. You may wonder what the Peachtree Plaza opening and my age have to do with one another. When I went to write this story down, […]

Six Seems About Right

For whatever reason, in most of my childhood memories, I’m six years old. I wasn’t really. I wasn’t six all my life until I hit middle school. But it seems that way, looking back. Why is that? Why is my childhood flattened down to just […]

Things I’ll Tell my Kids When They Whine About How Hard Their Life Is

I grew up west of Atlanta in a town called Douglasville. We had 40 acres of woods and creeks and pastures for our horses. It was awesome. With all of the technology today (and the expansion of water/sewer/cable in the area I grew up in), […]

Most Embarrassing

This is what I’ll tell you when you ask me the penultimate “get to know me” question about the most embarrassing moment of my life. I was in college, probably a junior. It was the 90s and somehow I thought saddle oxfords were making a […]