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Running Lessons in Self-Esteem and Vulnerability

Running Lessons in Self-Esteem and Vulnerability

You could say I’m into social media. I have accounts on all of the main share-my-life portals and even on some of the not-so-main ones. Based on my social media presence, you might think that my life is an open book. And that’s what many […]

Race Recap: ATC Hearts and Soles 5K

Race: ATC Hearts and Soles 5K Date: February 8, 2014 Start Time: 8 a.m. Weather: 37˚, overcast/mostly cloudy skies, chance of rain forecasted Elevation: Start/Finish – 761 ft; Max – 817 ft. (Net 47 ft. gain) This race sealed it: No more winter races! Okay, it […]

There is no Glamour in Running Through Pain

My social media newsfeeds are an exciting place to be these days. I read about friends’ family milestones, special events, births, transitions, new jobs, and life-change. One prevalent life-change happening to many of my online friends is weight loss or increased physical fitness. I love […]

Race Recap: Run Like Hell 5K

Race: Run Like Hell 5k Location: Oakland Cemetary Date: October 19, 2013 Start Time: 9 a.m. Weather: 62º F; 83% Humidity; Light rain Elevation: 276 ft gain Funny story about the Run Like Hell 5k: When a local Atlanta company announced a race entry giveaway, […]

How I Nearly Came to be Involved in a Domestic Dispute During my Evening Run

Shouting and loud conversations from a house one street over from us is nothing new. So, when I heard shouting during my evening run on the street where the loud family lives, I figured they were on their back porch and I wouldn’t be involved. […]

How my Running Goals Were Saved by Myofascial Release, Chiropractic and Pilates

“If the injections don’t work, you’ll need surgery,” the doctor said. Right; I’m not gonna do that, I thought. My tendency is to attack any ailment with as natural a remedy as possible. So, know that I didn’t come to the doctor because I wanted […]

Race Recap: Vinings Downhill 5K

Race: Vinings Downhill 5K: Atlanta’s Fastest 5K Date: August 17, 2013 Start Time: 8 a.m. Weather: 64˚, overcast/mostly cloudy skies, 90% humidity Elevation: Start – 1099 ft; Finish – 799 ft. (Net 280 ft. drop) Perfect weather for a 5K! Arrived at the start at […]

Returning to the—Couch—to 5K

According to my Couch to 5K app, in a little less than three weeks, I’ll be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping. And since this app trains would-be runners, it assumes that when running non-stop for 30 minutes is achieved at the end […]

Race Recap: 2013 Peachtree Road Race

In no particular order, the following are my thoughts, observations, and experiences from the 2013 Peachtree Road Race. Until race day, July 4, 2013, at 6:30 a.m., I was unsure whether I was going to participate. After days of 80-100 percent chances of rain, and […]

Ten Pilates Tips for Beginners

Don’t we all love to read tips? Concise lists of what we should do about a problem we supposedly have. (We may actually have the problem the tips are said to resolve, or we may just be surmising.) I love Pilates. It’s a rock solid workout […]