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5 Tips for Clearing out the Clutter

About once a quarter, I bite the bullet and clear out some clutter, get some things organized, and give some stuff away. Being a sentimental person, sometimes it’s hard to let go of things that may have belonged to a loved one who has passed […]

What Does it Mean to be a Davis?

Recently, I’ve taken on the task of exploring my family history by interviewing relatives. Years ago, my family spent an afternoon filming my grandparents and the stories of their relationship. I’ve often thought about how valuable family stories are, so I didn’t want to wait […]

Saying Goodbye to Autry Circle

Have you ever been torn between the feelings of relief and grief? Standing on the bare land of where my home once stood, I felt those feelings rise up through my tear ducts. My homestead of 41 years is gone. It was sold to an […]

Race Recap: ATC Hearts and Soles 5K

Race: ATC Hearts and Soles 5K Date: February 8, 2014 Start Time: 8 a.m. Weather: 37˚, overcast/mostly cloudy skies, chance of rain forecasted Elevation: Start/Finish – 761 ft; Max – 817 ft. (Net 47 ft. gain) This race sealed it: No more winter races! Okay, it […]

Be Your Own Prince Charming

Have you heard of Prince Charming Syndrome (PCS)? It’s when we get caught up in wishing and dreaming that someone or something is going to come along and save us. During my daily trek through Atlanta traffic this past week, I was listening to podcast […]

Why I Started a Blog in a Blog-Saturated Internet World

There are a plethora of reports that millions of people read blogs every day and millions of people create blogs every day. So, with all of this massive amount of content, why did I think I needed to join the masses? In March of this […]

There is no Glamour in Running Through Pain

My social media newsfeeds are an exciting place to be these days. I read about friends’ family milestones, special events, births, transitions, new jobs, and life-change. One prevalent life-change happening to many of my online friends is weight loss or increased physical fitness. I love […]

My Blind Great-Grandmother and a Lesson in Integrity

As I’m writing this, allowing myself to dwell on the fact that I can’t have cookies, my mind has drifted to my great-grandmother’s house and Breyer’s peach ice cream. I love the fact that I knew and remember my great-grandmother. She was a wonderful lady […]

How to be a Great Social Media Storyteller, Notes from Digital Atlanta

As mentioned last week, I recently attended Digital Atlanta, a social media conference held at Atlantic Station. My favorite session, by far, was “How to be a Bad*** Storyteller” by Julie Maratek the social media and community manager for Atlantic Station. Following in bullet-point form, […]

Five Digital Trends: Notes from Digital Atlanta

For the week of October 7-11, I daily commuted to Atlantic Station for the fourth annual Digital Atlanta Conference. In my position at work, I’m branching more and more into uncharted (for me) social media territory. Judging by the sessions DA offered, I knew I’d […]