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Race Recap: Run Like Hell 5K

Race: Run Like Hell 5k Location: Oakland Cemetary Date: October 19, 2013 Start Time: 9 a.m. Weather: 62º F; 83% Humidity; Light rain Elevation: 276 ft gain Funny story about the Run Like Hell 5k: When a local Atlanta company announced a race entry giveaway, […]

How the Dyson Pet Groomer Gets my Dog in Trouble

Chessa is a beautiful, massive, menacing-looking German Shepherd who I’ve never heard bark—until a week ago when her life was threatened by a Chihuahua at the park. She kinda oversold herself and the Chihuahua hid in its mama’s lap. Despite her reaction to the squirrel-sized […]

Tough-Love Letter—to Myself

Over the last 10 work days, I have spent seven at conferences. For those who attend conferences, you know how exhausted and mushy—mentally and physically—you feel at the end of the last day? Imagine that times two. By the end of the second conference, I […]

I’m a Cheater

Currently, I am the reigning Dominoes champion at our weekly game with the retired neighbors across the street. Charles and Pat are a wonderful couple who have warmly welcomed Nathan and me into their home each week for dinner and Dominoes. For the first four […]

6 Books That Changed the Way I Think About Relationships, God and Myself

Since I first laid eyes on a copy of Walter Farley’s The Black Stallion, I’ve been enamored with reading. My mother would take my brothers and me to the library in the heart of downtown Douglasville, Georgia, and we would pick out three or four […]

What Marriage Is Not

I had one of those rare moments when I was answering someone’s question about how I like marriage, and I was asked to repeat something. That something was this: Marriage is not an escape from singleness. My single friend who asked me to repeat myself, […]

My Worst Scar: How I almost lost a finger

“Where. Is. DAD!” I screamed through tears. “He’s coming, he’s coming. He just went to look for your finger,” my mom said. “Please hurry,” I begged. Minutes earlier, my brother, Tim, decided to crank up the family dune buggy and take it for a spin. […]

A Note From Pop

Pop was a romantic. He wrote often in his diaries and in notes of his many adventures, love of travel and love for my grandmother. I was fortunate to grow up living next door to them, and I was able to witness a loving, respectful […]

The Last Gift I Gave my Mom

After the doctors had gone and the family had gone their ways, I stood in the hospital room with my mom and dad skeptical and second-guessing the diagnosis. Surely, my mom had more than three months to live. How could this have happened so fast? […]

How to Watch Birds

From an early age, I was a birdwatcher by divine association. The divine being God’s will and the association being my mother, Nancy. My mom loved birds. She loved them to the extent that she documented three generations of Wood Duck families that made our […]