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A Letter to a Teenage Niece

A Letter to a Teenage Niece

My teenage niece is growing up faster than I’d like to realize. Kids: one minute they’re six, the next minute they’re driving and dating and rolling their eyes—in a bad way. My oldest niece turned 14 last month. She’s beautiful, tall, innocent, sweet and thoughtful. It’s […]

6 Tips for Family History Interviews

6 Tips for Family History Interviews

Only recently am I coming to understand and recognize my passion for family history. Growing up, it was not uncommon for unofficial family reunions of 100 Dortches to descend upon a central homestead several times a year. We love a good gathering. As the older […]

What Does it Mean to be a Davis?

Recently, I’ve taken on the task of exploring my family history by interviewing relatives. Years ago, my family spent an afternoon filming my grandparents and the stories of their relationship. I’ve often thought about how valuable family stories are, so I didn’t want to wait […]

A Note From Pop

Pop was a romantic. He wrote often in his diaries and in notes of his many adventures, love of travel and love for my grandmother. I was fortunate to grow up living next door to them, and I was able to witness a loving, respectful […]

Weird Family Stories we Love to Tell

“And he went so crazy that he ate his shoes.” And thus ends the bizarre ancestral tale of one of my closest friends. To which, I counter with the tale of my ancestor, a club-footed pre-teen who hid under the family’s porch to shoot Yankee […]

Magic Hour Foundation: Providing Photography Sessions for Cancer Patients and Survivors

When my copy of Columns arrived in the mail, I was excited to see the cover picture of a former classmate holding his daughter and laughing. The joy on their faces in the photo was a vibrant expression of the celebration of her life—a life […]

June is Sneaky

June is a sneaky month for me. It sneaks in summer temps. It sneaks in sudden downpours on sunny afternoons. It sneaks in random cry-fests. It sneaks in cringe-worthy memories. It sneaks in pain. It sneaks in joy. June used to be MY month, for […]