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Running Lessons in Self-Esteem and Vulnerability

Running Lessons in Self-Esteem and Vulnerability

You could say I’m into social media. I have accounts on all of the main share-my-life portals and even on some of the not-so-main ones. Based on my social media presence, you might think that my life is an open book. And that’s what many […]

How to be a Great Social Media Storyteller, Notes from Digital Atlanta

As mentioned last week, I recently attended Digital Atlanta, a social media conference held at Atlantic Station. My favorite session, by far, was “How to be a Bad*** Storyteller” by Julie Maratek the social media and community manager for Atlantic Station. Following in bullet-point form, […]

Five Digital Trends: Notes from Digital Atlanta

For the week of October 7-11, I daily commuted to Atlantic Station for the fourth annual Digital Atlanta Conference. In my position at work, I’m branching more and more into uncharted (for me) social media territory. Judging by the sessions DA offered, I knew I’d […]