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Tools That Will Make Your Essential Oils Experience Better

Tools That Will Make Your Essential Oils Experience Better

Let’s be honest. Most people don’t seek out to be an essential oils person. Sometimes, like me and Nathan, we came to essential oils out of we’ve-tried-everything-else desperation.

Ya see, my sweet husband has significant reactions to pet dander, dust, pollen—really anything microscopic that can travel through the air and hijack a lung. Typically, these reactionary episodes happened maybe once a month. Or more often depending on contact with cats. Then, one fall, the hijacking turned into a squatting situation—the runny nose, watering eyes, congestion, sneezing, well, they weren’t going anywhere.

Meanwhile, I’d heard some ladies in my work office talking about how lavendar helped them overcome such-and-such. And peppermint cleared up this-and-the-other. And let’s not even get started about the benefit’s of lemon oil in water, they praised. So, I asked. Would essential oils help with the torture nature was putting my husband through? YES! They nearly shouted.

So I mentioned it to Nathan and he readily jumped on board! No. He thought about it for a couple of days. And in one particular sneezing bout a few days later, he said, “I’ll try anything; get me those oils, woman!” He didn’t say it like that, but he did say, I’ll try anything.

Friends at work gave me small vials of samples and instructions from drops on the tongue and the temples and the soles. It was starting to sound like the makings of a revival! I took the vials home, told Nathan to do this and this and this four or five times a day, and he settled for doing that and that twice a day.

And on the third day, Nathan said, “I’m cured!” He wasn’t, but he told me that he thought it was a fluke at first. That the oils had cleared him up so thoroughly and so clearly, he was amazed. January of 2015 was the last time Nathan took an allergy OTC on the daily. Who knew that essential oils could restore a man’s life to normal? Well, my friends at my office did, and the maker’s of the oils did . . . and I guess millions of other people who use oils also know. So, I guess we were the only ones who didn’t know.

After this experience, I began to use oils for sinus irritations and to support healthy skin. And then I started using them aromatically for stress-relief and better sleep. We began to use them enough, that I decided to become a member and take advantage of membership pricing with doTERRA.

While it isn’t necessary to invest a lot of money in order to enjoy essential oils, there are a few tools I picked up along the way that helped me better enjoy the experience. Perhaps they’ll help you too!

Enjoy the Smell!

One of my favorite things about essential oils is using them in a diffuser. The GreenAir Spa Vapor 2.0 works well and has settings that allow the diffuser to run for up to eight hours (sometimes mine runs for more than eight hours). This diffuser is great to use in a bedroom with oils that aid in relaxation, such as the Serenity blend or Balance blend. You can also search on Google for energizing or motivating blends to run during the day.

Cut it Up!

There are some essential oils that are “hot” or can be irritating to some skin types. If this happens to you, you can easily “cut” the oil with a carrier oil, like Fractionated Coconut Oil or FCO. FCO is a great carrier oil that can be blended with any of the oils (dilution). It “carries” the oils through the skin. You would also want to mix FCO with an oil when covering a large area – back, chest, leg, etc. You can also find FCO at Target or local grocery stores. Remember, you’re looking for the liquid coconut oil.

Blend it Together!

After you get to know essential oils, you’re going to want to experiment and try out new blend combos for your various needs. One way to get the benefit of oils, and stretch your dollar a bit farther is to blend them with a carrier oil and put them in a roller ball for easy application.  These roller ball bottles are great for keeping in your purse. Add the oil or oils into the roller ball—10 drops per oil—and fill the remainder of the container with a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil.

Take ’em With You!

At some point you’re going to travel away from home. And when you do, you’ll want, probably need, to take your oils. Use these 1ml travel/sample drams. Simply fill with about 10 drops of your favorite oil and off you go!

Tell Them Apart!

Once you create roller bottles, or travel sizes, the oils are going to look all the same. That’s why you label them! These little round stickers adhere nicely to the lids of the oils so you can write the description and always tell what you’re smelling or applying.

Getting to Know . . . Oils!

You’ll likely first be drawn in by their smell, but once you start noticing how essential oils are helping you, you’ll want to know more. Modern Essentials contains vast amounts of knowledge to help you determine which oils you need to help you look and feel and smell your best!

What alternative remedies are you trying for skincare or healthcare? And what are you favorite tools to use with essential oils? Share in the comments!

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